Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rite Aid moneymaker Day!!

There were some amazing money making deals at Rite Aid today. Rite Aid has a 5 off 25 dollar coupon that was emailed to me. I bought 5 items which were free after rebate. Each item had a coupon. After all coupons, I paid 12.99, but will 25.96 in Rite Aid rebates. The picture shows the free items: Dry Idea clinical, Suave deodorant, Bayer dissolving aspirin, Wound Wash Saline, and Alaway allergy eyedrops. Buy these 5 items and use the manufacturer's coupons and the 5 off coupon. You can even enter your rebate online at (look for Single Check Rebate link) avoiding the cost of a stamp. You will have some extra cash in a few weeks to "reinvest" in handbags, shoes, etc. I'm just trying to stimulate the economy here!

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