Sunday, May 17, 2009

Freedom to Give

Being a deal shopper has given me the opportunity to accumulate lots of extras. Today, I got to donate out of the overflow to a local food pantry. All this month my church has put a table out to fill for Project Starburst, a church sponsored help agency. It was great to fill two bags with deodorant, shampoo, tomato sauce, and other odds and ends. One of the dangers of my coupon hobby is the tendency to hoard. But I also have the freedom to give to others in a way that I haven't had before. It frees me from holding so tightly to material things. I can imagine the families that can eat and provide for their children because of me. With this in mind, I don't hold back and cling to selfishness. I am thankful for the spirit of giving in my church and in my own family.

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