Saturday, May 16, 2009

FREE Cakesters from Target coupon snobs

Okay, so the bad part of my coupon day went like this...I went to Target. I have used coupons for years and never had a checkout experience like today. I had multiple coupons, all organized, separated, laid them out nice for my cashier with each item. Immediately, a supervisor was called, I was hauled out of the line to a different checkout. Each of my coupons was scrutinized and each piece of fine print read before I could use them. Then I wasn't allowed to use more than one of the same coupon in a transaction. For example, I had two coupons for Renu from I had to do a different transaction for each purchase. The coupon does state one per item. This does NOT mean one per transaction!! Target, train your staff on how to do coupons. I did end up with some nice things, but the twenty minute checkout time was a hassle. Not to mention I was treated like a criminal in front of other customers. I am writing a letter to Target Corporate over this situation. I did get some free Cakesters (100 calorie packs as pictured) using a coupon from and a Target coupon from the Target website. You can combine coupons at Target which means using a manufacturer's coupon and a store coupon to receive a big discount.


  1. You are one of many across the country receiving this sort of horrid customer service when shopping Target. They are quickly becoming anti-coupon in many stores. I have received many comments on my blog about all of this and some of these stories will curl your hair or make you go bald.

    I have been suggesting the following to my readers...
    1) Print off a copy of the coupon guidelines (aka policy)and carry it with you. It has corporate's phone number on it. They call it guidelines and I think that is so the managers can do what they like.
    2) Do NOT put up with such disrespectful treatment like you went through. We pay their salaries and this is just wrong on so many levels.
    3)Remain calm. You are dealing with ignorant people who haven't a clue the amount of coupon knowledge we couponers possess. It is no excuse for how they are dealing with us. I mean look, we walk in with 2" deep piles of coupons and walk out with free groceries and they see us as thieves when we aren't. Again, their ignorance.
    4) Do call corporate but also post a complaint on This is a well respected site for the purpose of complaining. State the facts. Use POWER WORDS like humiliated, embarrassed, degraded, etc.

    Come join us as we band together to see change happen.


  2. I had a horrible experience using these coupons and the bbq sauce etc. It was the second time I had used coupons there {the first time I used a coupon on a toothpaste and deodorant}.

    Honestly, I am unsure if I will ever enter Target again after the way the cashier AND manager spoke to me.


    Jenny in Maine