Saturday, August 1, 2009

Garage sale $20 per carload?

I slept in this morning and was kind of bummed thinking I'd missed out on some great garage sales. I knew there was one just a couple minutes away that had some promising stuff yesterday, but I was a bit short on the cashola. I decided on a whim to check it out again today. When I pulled in it looked like they were in the process of closing. I begin my routine of making a big pile and then making an offer on the entire pile. The lady was so nice and took $20 for the pile. It filled the entire backseat of my Oldsmobile.

So check out my table filled with the stuff, most that was brand new in the box with the tags on!!! Here's the autographed Longaberger basket, a Christmas candle set, a Christmas plate set, a summer chips and dip set, 3 pillar candles with striped holder, a wooden picture frame from Kohl's, an etched glass candle hurricane, a brand new stuffed bear, nine Christmas scented candles (tags says $9.88), birthday cakes candles, a bamboo storage bin, a parmesan cheese grater from TJ Maxx, a candle lighting gift set, a Laura Ashley hatbox, a book light (new in box), an oil candle, a glass serving tray with wire holder, a baking set with terra cotta pots and baking mixes, a toaster oven (not pictured, wouldn't fit) and two boxes of cat toys.

Wow. This is good even for me. Here is my yard sale advice, if you want the best prices, show up when the sale is about to close. In this case, the sellers would rather take a loss than pack up their stuff to take to Goodwill.

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  1. Good job! I need to start garage sale-ing it again!!