Saturday, July 25, 2009

The mail fairy dropped by....

When you get all kinds of cool freebies, it makes getting the mail so much fun. Today there were loads of little packages in my mailbox. One came from here, a great website that has monthly giveaways. This month, the first 100,000 people to enter their contest received a sample sized bottle of Nature's Source natural all-purpose cleaner and packet of forget-me-not seeds. I got a cute little sample from the Wal-mart free sample website here of Nivea Active 3 for Men. Then, Vocalpoint surprised me with a mailer from Rice Krispies, when I say surprised I mean scared me to death with their talking mailer! After the initial shock wore off, I noticed the coupons inside which included a coupon for one free box and several dollar off coupons as well. To become a Vocalpoint member check out for more information. All in all, a great mail day and not a bill in sight to spoil it!

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