Thursday, July 16, 2009

yard sale flowers

My mom was in a great mood physically and mentally today. She wanted to go yard saling of course! Well, sometimes Thursdays are hit and miss for good sales, but we tried anyway. There was a yard sale down a long winding dirt road. I almost gave up trying to find it, then we hit pay dirt. A wonderful lady was paring back her amazing garden to make room for new growth. She had mounds of creeping myrtle, which is a wonderful ground cover and grows for even the blackest thumb. She dug up two mounds for me filling two bags. The price you ask? $2.00. I also got a nice sized red raspberry bush for $2.00. Mom got a hosta and an antique ladder/plant stand for $5.00. Since Mom was in a wheelchair, she asked about her cancer. When she heard the details, she was kind enough to give us a mint plant free of charge because she had read that mint plants were good for cancer patients. Some days really restore your faith in humanity.

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