Tuesday, January 5, 2010

24 cent Pictureka at Wal-mart

There were lots of deals this week to be had at Wal-mart. One highlight is the Pictureka card game priced at $5.24 at my local store. There was a coupon for $5 off several Hasbro games in the PARADE magazine in last week's newspaper. This coupon works both the board game and the card game. This game is for ages 6+, can be played four different ways, and is educational. If you are interested in the board game, it was priced at $15. Two great deals for a super fun game.


  1. Thanks for the tip...I have looked through the 1/3 Parade magazine twice...what page is the coupon on?

  2. sorry don't remember. cut the coupon out and pitched the parade. Sometimes Parade has their coupons available by region. My region is Michigan area.