Saturday, November 7, 2009

Emergency Preparedness or Getting ready for Black Friday

I'm dreaming of a free Christmas. Seriously.

How will I make this happen you ask? Well, my family signed up a few years ago for a rewards debit card through our bank, Fifth Third. Every purchase we make adds points toward a variety of gift cards. We even get points added for using direct deposit. There is no fee for this wonderful perk. We make sure to use our cards for every purchase possible, even on-line bill pay can garner points.

This year they added a feature that allows us to use the points toward a Visa gift card. As of right now, I have two $25 cards in the mail. This adds $50 to my Christmas budget for Black Friday's amazing sales. I chose the Visa cards so they could be used at any store. I love going to Menard's on Black Friday, they have the strangest mix of deals, but always seem to have great stuff. There are also smaller local retailers that take Visa gift cards too. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Also, I finally cashed in some swagbucks toward a $10 gift card. Haven't heard about swagbucks? Click on the swagbucks ad on the right side of this blog and start earning every time you search the web. Believe me, those bucks add up over time. If you start now, you'll be on the road toward some serious cash for Christmas next year.

So far, I have $60 in free money for Christmas gifts! Whoo-hoo!

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