Thursday, October 1, 2009

Big Lots spoils me

We have a nice Big Lots in our town, but I don't go very often. I tend to find better deals using coupons in full-price stores. However, I had to buy some art supplies for my Sunday school class, so I decided to check out Big Lots stash.

I found an entire rack of DVDs for $3.00 a piece. Rentals in our town cost $2.49 per night, so I figured after two views I would come out ahead. I found the romantic comedy Wimbledon among the titles to add to my collection.

I also snagged a Green Canyon Spa grape seed face scrub for two bucks. I feel pretty spoiled with my $5 purchase at Big Lots. I plan to go back when I have more time because I saw some great deals on organic foods and some Wii games. Yippee!

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