Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kmart shoes are cool...really!

So, I stopped into Kmart to score some more super doubles deals. There was a flyer in the front advertising the summer shoe sale. Well, any sales piques my interest, especially when it involves shoes.

I was pleasantly surprised to see what cool shoes they had. The brown Mary Janes were too adorable to pass up. I have to tell you that I was drooling over a similar pair at Birch Run Outlet Mall's Clarks store this week. I just couldn't wrap my brain around spending 69.99 on a single pair of shoes at a "discount" outlet. These are almost identical to the Clarks pair, but the price was nice. Just 29.99. I'm glad I followed my gut instinct to wait on buying the more expensive pair.

I also found these sneakers for 40% off 10.99 for a total of 6.59. Again, I've been looking for these type of shoes, but the price just wasn't right until now. They are so cute on my feet.

AAAaaaahhh. The sweet bliss of a shoe sale minus the guilt of overspending. What could be better than that?

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