Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FREE Chef Michael's dog food

I was in Rite Aid today checking out the Benevia posted below. I found an endcap full of Chef Michael's dog food mini pate' packs. The package size is two 3 oz. containers. They are labeled as 2 for 1 packs. Each pack has a coupon attached to the top for $1.00 off any Chef Michael's 3 oz. size. They were priced at $1.29. If you have the $5.00 off $20.00 coupon from the Ad perk website here (just watch enough short commercials to ad it to your rewards), here is what your deal will look like:

16 packs at $1.29 each ($20.64)
- $5.00 (5 off 20 adperks coupon)
-16 $1.00 off coupon from package=
Total: -.35 which my cashier allowed me to use toward tax

AWESOME! That's 32 small cans of dog food for free. Fido will be so spoiled.

If you don't have the Adperk coupon, you can get a 5 off 25 coupon here (scroll through coupons to find it). You'll just have to buy more cans and spend a little out of pocket).


  1. In Griffin,GA they scan first other coupons and as last one is the Rite Aid $5 off coupon,That is if your total is still more then $25.