Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Financial check-up for the summer

Accountability is key to keeping on track financially. Several bloggers I read make it a point to put monthly savings and financial planning updates on their sites. I'd thought I'd stick my toe in the water as well.

As of July, my husband and I are free of credit card debt. woooooooooooooooooooo!

We have maintained our emergency fund CD without touching it since last April. Therefore, we are earning interest on that fund. We have not added any money lately due to the number of car issues/cost of maintaining older cars.

We continue to contribute $300 monthly to an IRA for retirement.

One car we own outright, the other car is 35% paid off. We hope to finish paying this off by the end of the year.

We paid for a summer vacation to Chicago completely with cash and had a blast! It is great to enjoy yourself without having to worry about a bill!

All in all, good progress and some well needed time away.

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  1. Great progress. Congrats on being free from credit card debt.