Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to organized!

Fall is rapidly approaching. I even noticed leaves changing color today. blah. That's means its time to get organized for back to school, back to work, and simply back to a somewhat normal schedule.

I took some time this weekend to evaluate some of my home organization or lack thereof. I got my office in much better working order and actually saw my carpeting again. I got together some books and CDs that will be making their way to, and found some great things that will become part of the many giveaways to come.

I also did a rough inventory of my closet to see what needs to be updated, tossed, replaced, or ironed. Actually, it looks pretty good. I do need a few things like pants that actually fit for work.

Next, I plan to get a better inventory on our stockpile of food. I need to start shopping from my cupboard to use things up before they go out of date. I want to look into Once a Month cooking or some sort of meal planning. Between work and caring for my Mom, cooking is one thing that has really been on the back burner. For health, sanity, and budget, we need to eat at home more.

These are just some of my organizing ideas. I find it helpful to do this the last few weeks of August to get a leg up. It helps take away the stress and helps things run more smoothly. What are you doing to make your transition to fall easier?

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