Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wii Fit for less

My husband and I decided we wanted to buy a Wii Fit, but definitely did not want to pay the $89.99 price tag. So, we explored the best ways to get one. The cheapest we found in the store was $79.99. Then we checked GameStop. If you haven't checked this store yet for all your Wii needs, you are missing out. The Wii Fit (game only) was $14.99 used. We also have an EDGE discount card which takes off an extra 10% off any used game. It also has includes a free subscription to a gaming magazine which reviews all the newest games. So the Wii fit game only cost $13.49. Then we needed a balance board to complete the Wii Fit. Vaughn found a board on eBay which we snagged for $41.00 (including shipping). Now we have a great fitness game for only $54.49. Always be persistent in looking for the best deals. A little bit of shopping around netted us a great game for a great price!

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