Monday, July 6, 2009

Revenge of the Kmart super doubles!

Wow. There are some good deals to be had this week at Kmart. The above photo cost $1.62 and yielded a $3.00 catalina coupon off my next purchase. That means it was a money maker! There were several items which have printable coupons at (that was the Dry Idea deodorant and the Ponds wipes) The rest were a combination of coupons from the Sunday paper coupon inserts and printable coupons from around the internet.

Here's the list: 4 Dry Idea deodorants, 5 A-1 Steak sauces, 3 L.A. Looks hair gels, 2 packages of rubber gloves, 2 cans of Skintimate shave gel, 1 mocha frappucino, 2 bottles of Pantene, 1 package of Ponds wipes, 1 St. Ives body wash, 1 Kotex pads, and 1 package of baby wipes...and a partridge in a pear tree. And people wonder why I think the dollar store is overpriced!

For a great list of Super Double deals check out (my fave money saving website) Also, my cashier told me that the stores aren't allowed to enforce the limits of 10 coupons per person. They can just suggest in the ad that the limit is 10. The official policy to cashiers at my store is: take as many as the register will accept. You may want to check your local stores policy so you don't have to keep running back for 10 items at a time.

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