Thursday, May 14, 2009

I think I have a coupon nemesis

Okay, so I went into Wal-mart today to get more of the free toilet paper as per previous post. I was just there last night to get seven for free. Worked like a charm. I still have 33 coupons to use, but didn't want to hog them all. Well, apparently my shopping nemesis was in the store earlier today. I asked a CSM, what happened to all the Cottonelle? She got on her walkie talkie to a manager who said that a lady bought every roll from the dollar shelf! Okay there were like a hundred packages there, what's up with that?

Next time, I'm hauling out 33 rolls baby and if I meet my nemesis the paper's gonna fly!


  1. hi dear I'd like to ask you if the coupons for cotonelle ultra 1.00 worked for the regular cotonelle.Thanks

  2. I did try the Cottonelle Ultra dollar off coupon that I got at Kmart during the double coupon sale. It came in a package with a few square of toilet paper. I worked like a charm in the Wal-mart registers.