Friday, May 22, 2009

Garage Sales or Girl's Spa Day?

I had the best day today. My family (including Mom in her wheelchair) went garage saling. My parent's housing development had their yearly sale day. There were over 80 yard sales (I know my head about exploded too). You can see some of my deals in the picture. I got a Kenneth Cole purse ($1) and Birkenstock sandals (.50). Also, a Jim Brickman CD and The Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack for hubby (still in original wrapping). Also, some awesome LUXE spa stuff to give myself a pedicure at home. Then I got some cute stuff for my kitchen too. A Yankee candle shade tops off some of the best deals of the day. It was as satisfying as a day at the mall, but with much less guilt. I only spent $15 the whole day (and believe me there is a whole trunkful that didn't make the picture!). I can now have an awesome at home spa day listening to my new CDs and enjoying the fun finds.
P.S. Just looked up the Birkenstocks at their online store, they're selling for $120!! That's just crazy.

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  1. birkenstocks are SOOOOO comfy. that's such a great find!